Donations for Dignity Maine

This month, Evergreen CAnnabis Company will be donating 5% of the sales of the Healer Nano-Filtered Cannabis Vape Pen to Dignity Maine!

Stephen's 71st!

Our friends and families in Maine are being afflicted by an ongoing opiate misuse crisis. This has become an epidemic, with more and more stories of people in our community in need. Donations will be used to get Narcan into the hands of those high-risk people and to train them to properly use it; we need 1,400 people trained in the greater Portland area. Also, we will pay for the first two weeks of emergency housing in a sober community ($300 – $500) as well as $150 monthly stipends for community activists.

Dignity Fund

This fund relies on donations from the community in order to help people immediately when they leave medical detox or incarceration and need assistance with that BIG next step.

Conversations in Compassion

This is not an interview, but an attempt to demonstrate conversations that are rooted in compassion and empathy. We will focus in on some of the most important issues of our time. Each conversation will be fresh and will focus on the individual and how to bring their story to life.

Our Mission

To develop a community-based movement that promotes dignity and ends discrimination for folks living with substance use disorders.

Street Team

Through grassroots activism, our
Street Team engages the community in dialogue about how substance use disorder
is treated – or mistreated – in our society.

Emergency Fund

Provides funding for recovery housing
and life-saving medication
for individuals who are
in a critical point in their lives.

What does it mean to receive Dignity emergency funds?

“You don’t even know. It gave me a chance to get started.”
“It was unbelievable!  It brings me to tears to talk about it right now.”

Upcoming Events

International Overdose Awareness Day
August 31st
Norumbega Park, Bangor
September is Recovery Month!
Stay tuned for more events

Quote from a Practitioner

I have been working in the field of addiction for 20 years. When we find clients who sincerely want to move on with their recovery from detox it is a struggle to find them housing when they have little or no resources. [Dignity has] been a life-saving source of scholarship funding for that first critical week when clients realize they need to move from detox to a transitional living environment that has structure and support. I have seen some of our clients start crying when they realize that someone cares enough to help them with money for that first week until they return to work and re-engage in the recovery community.

Lynn Manderson, LADC IATP
Trauma Specialist



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